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Solar Eclipse Information
We've all heard about the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024.  Click here for tips on how to photograph this spectacular event.
I did a practice test of my exposure for the full sun on Feb. 18th and I discovered a couple things I want to pass on.  With cold temps, it was about 24 F,  I had to acclimate my "indoor" lens and filter to the "outdoor" temps before shooting.  In August of 2017, I didn't need to think of this, in fact it was wicked hot.  But April in NW Ohio could have very cool temps. So take your lens and filter outdoors well before the eclipse starts to avoid getting "fog" on your filter and lens.  You don't want to mess around wiping those down when the eclipse starts. 
Also, a black cloth over your camera and head, or a Hoodman loop viewer, would help to block the bright sunlight during the partial so that you can see your live-view screen in order to focus.  Secure your camera and tripod, the wind was blowing hard when I did this test and a big lens can really shake if not secured well.

Coming Meetings
Feb 26 - Monochrome Digital and Prints Presentation
Mar 11 - Digital Nature #3 Presentation  Make-Up Date

Judging Schedule For 2023 - 2024 TCC Digital Competitions judged by members - (Prints judged at meetings)
Competitions #1 - Judging Open Sep 13 to Sep 22 at 11:59 PM
Competitions #2 - Judging Open Oct 25 to Nov 3 at 11:59 PM
Competitions #3 - Judging Open Jan 12 to Jan 20 at 11:59 PM
Competitions #4 - Judging Open Mar 13 to Mar 22 at 11:59 PM
You will be judging on all Divisions in each competition, Assignments and Non-assignment categories, and all levels of photographers.
Remember to SAVE your scores before leaving each page.

Results of Print Competition #3
Beginner: No Entries
1st Lazy Day River by Cindy White
1st There's Nothing Like A Good Cigar by Lou McLove
2nd Silhouette by Pat Healey
3rd Owl On The Fence by Bob Meyer

Assignment - Pets:
1st Poppy by Barbara Drown
2nd Butters by Barbara Drown
1st Riley by Sue Colvin
2nd Somebody's Pet by Margaret Meehan
3rd Miss Bandit by Larry Clapper
1st Let's Play Fetch by Lou McLove
1st Waiting Patiently by Lou McLove
2nd Cheesy by Pat Healey

Beginners: No Entries
1st Nest Building by Margaret Meehan
2nd Northern Lights Minnesota by Cindy White
3rd Marquette Lighthouse by Cindy White
1st Vestrahorn Mountain by Pat Healey
2nd Dune Walker by Lou McLove
3rd Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon by Pat Healey

Bylaws Changes Starting September 2023
The Board has made a few bylaw changes you need to be aware of.
1.  In regards to AI becoming so popular, the Board has added that "All photos entered in TCC must start with an original capture in a camera, either DSLR or phone.  Remember, all parts of your photo must be your work.  No adding other photographers' captures/work into your image.
2. A minimum of 1/3 of the total entries in each divisional contest should receive awards, and those will be moved on to the End of Year judging.  If there are only 1-3 entries in a group, there should be a 1st Place awarded, with a 2nd Place and 3rd Place awarded only if those images score near as high as the 1st Place image.
3. Four entries will be allowed in the Creative Division for a limited time.  Our entries for Creative are lower than the other divisions.  We will allow 4 entries for now until we find out how it goes. 



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