Program For First Meeting Sep. 12 - Fun With Photo Editing

All TCC members will start with the same “target” photo that you will receive by email to play with.
You are asked to do ANYTHING you want with it, there are no rules.  There is no judging.
You can change it to black & white, add layers, crop, adjust colors, warp it, apply filters and textures, add other objects to it,
use presets, etc.  Anything goes.  Do a little or do a lot, whatever you have fun doing.
Make your edits then resend your changed image to Visual Pursuits by Sep. 10th.  If you are new and would like to participate in the fun, please contact Vice President Margaret Meehan with your email address requesting the image.
All the images will be shown at the first meeting so we can see how everyone edited the photo.  There will be no judging, no scores, etc.
Members may be asked how they did the technique they used, or not.  This is totally for fun.  And hopefully a learning experience.

New Meeting Location for 2022 2023 Season

We will meet in-person at our new location in September.  See our home page for directions to our new meeting room.  Many thanks to Lou McLove for arranging this location.  It is greatly appreciated.  While we hope to continue providing snacks on a volunteer basis, each member will be responsible for bringing their own drink.  There is a vending machine in the facility with limited choices for a price.  If in-person meetings change due to Covid restrictions, we will notify members when we return to Virtual Meetings on Zoom.  Lets hope we all stay healthy and we can meet face to face.

Sign Up To Bring Snacks

Members are asked to volunteer for providing snacks at each meeting.  We are limited in our new location so all snacks must only be finger foods like cookies, muffins, etc.  We do not provide plates or plastic-ware any longer.  Please contact Connie Ernske to sign up for a specific meeting date.  Members are responsible for bringing their own beverage.

Assignments for the 2022 - 2023 TCC Season

Toledo Camera Club has set the assignments for this season.  You can get the schedule and assignments by clicking on the link on the home page.

Entries for 1st Competition Are Due Sep. 12th

Members, you can start entering your Digital images on August 12th and have until Sep. 12th to get your entries submitted to the chairs for our first competition.  Digital Competitors, please don't wait for the last minute to get your digital images submitted.  By submitting images in advance of the deadline, the chair for each division can let you know if there is a problem with your entry and give you another chance to re-submit an image.

We will have Print competitions as long as we are meeting in person.  You must bring your prints to the first meeting on Sep. 12th.  If you can't make that deadline, you must contact Lou McLove soon as he will be out of town after that turn-in date. Print turn-in dates are listed in the schedule and all prints must be turned in at the meeting specified.

We have a lot on our plate.  Not only are we coming off our summer break, we are also dealing with a new location.  So please bear with us as we get in the swing of things.  If you have any questions at this time, or see an error on our website, please contact an officer.

We Found A New Meeting Place Just In Time

This is what our old meeting place looks like.  Do you remember where you sat?


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