Print Competition Assignments and Entry Guidelines

We will again accept entries in the print division, as long as we can meet in person.  Bring your appropriately mounted and labeled prints, per the print regulations below, on the appropriate turn-in date meeting.  The presentation night for the prints will also include in-house judging of the images.

The 2023 - 2024 Print Assignments and turn-in dates are as follows:

#1 Turn In Date - Sep 11th    Assignment Silhouette  -  To be judged and presented on Sep. 25th

#2 Turn In Date - Oct. 23rd   Assignment Bridge(s)  -  To be judged and presented Nov. 13th

#3 Turn In Date - Jan. 8th   Assignment Pet Portrait  -  To be judged and presented Feb. 26th

#4 Turn In Date - Mar. 11th   Assignment Night Shot  -  To be judged and presented Mar. 26th

Print Division Specifications  Prints must be a minimum of 8” x 10” and a maximum of 16” x 20”, with no signatures or identifying info on the front of the image itself.  All prints must be mounted on mat board, no foam core, measuring 16” X 20”, with NO over-mats, glass or frames.  All prints must have a TCC label (which can be found on our website)  on the back in the upper left corner with print title, maker’s name and other pertinent information printed legibly please.  If you photographed the image especially for the assignment, check the “F” on your label for your extra point.  Prints may be made from film (negatives or slides) using wet-darkroom techniques or electronic files using computerized digital darkroom.  All prints must be “processed” by the maker.  Processing includes composites and all other types of manipulation with the stipulation that all parts of the image must be the maker’s work.  All prints must be  printed either by the maker or by a commercial printer that performs no further adjustments or manipulation to the file when printed.   
     The print division is divided into two categories: Monochrome Prints and Color Prints. Monochrome prints will only compete against other monochrome prints and color prints will only compete against other color prints.  Monochrome entries must ONLY be black & white images.  Any monochrome images that has a tint or color areas will be entered as color.   There is no restriction on print images as far as subject or creative techniques.
    Members may submit a maximum of 4 printed images per competition with a maximum of 3 entered in color prints; distributed as they wish between the color print category and the monochrome print category, and respectively, the color assignment type, color non-assignment type, and monochrome non-assignment type.
Example of Entries: 3 in color prints and 1 in monochrome or 2 in color prints and 2 in monochrome  or 1 in color prints and 3 in monochrome prints, or 0 in color and 4 in monochrome.
    LABELS:  Click here to print labels.  Labels are to be placed on the back of prints in the upper left corner when looking at the back.  This label is to be filled out with image title, your name, class, contest number, and category in which the print is entered.  Please write all labels clearly and completely.  Any questions should be addressed to the Print Chairperson.
NOTE: If, and only if, you photographed the image especially for the assignment, i.e. after the announcement of the new assignments, check the “F” on the print label.  The extra initiative it takes to work on the assignment earns the member an extra point.  All prints must be entered on the turn in date.  If you are unable to enter on that date, contact the Print Chairperson for an alternative.
    All prints must be picked up from the chairman in a timely fashion, any print not picked up during the scheduled year may be destroyed.  Note that print images submitted to Toledo Camera Club are entered in the club’s in-house competitions, and also may be selected by club chairmen to be submitted to the Greater Detroit Camera Club Council (GDCCC) competitions. 

Please note that the Toledo Camera Club has the right to disqualify any photos deemed to be offensive. We do not accept nude photographs in our competitions.

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