Digital Competition Guidelines

Toledo Camera Club holds four regular intra-club digital competitions per year (September - May) to which paid members may enter photographs. Friendly competitions are a great way to share your photos.  On presentation nights, receive constructive critiques and comments to improve your photographic skills.  Our competitions are open for submissions beginning one month before the turn-in date listed on our Assignments Schedule. Competitions close at 11:59 PM on the turn-in date.

Click here for Assignments Schedule.

For instructions on entering digital images click here.

Photos are accepted into the following 4 Digital Divisions:
1. Creative Color - Assignment or Non-assignment
2. General Color - Assignment or Non-assignment
3. Nature Color  - Assignment or Non-assignment
4. Monochrome - Assignment or Non-assignment  

Click here for Definitions of each Division.

Each Division accepts 2 Types of entries, Assignment and Non Assignment.
When entering the Assignment type, members enter only image(s) that fit a "topic" as listed in the Assignment Schedule mentioned above. In this way we challenge members to photograph different things or something new.
When entering the Non-assignment type, members enter any image(s) of their choosing, as long as it meets the Division definition they are entered into.
A list of Competition Types may be found under the tab: Competition > Competition Type.

Each member is limited to 3 entries per Digital Division and the entries may be split any way between the 2 Types (Assignment and Non-Assignment).  For example, a member may enter 2 photographs in Nature Non-Assignment and 1 photograph in Nature Assignment, or enter all 3 photographs in either Assignment or Non-Assignment.  Please note that for a limited time, members may enter 4 images in the Creative Division. 

Please note that the Toledo Camera Club has the right to disqualify any photos deemed to be offensive. We do not accept nude photographs in our competitions.

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